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Jesse's Luke Chapter 14 comment on 7/17/2022, 1:35pm...


In Luke 14:34, When it says salt is good, the word good means useful. In those days, salt was a preservative. You put salt on things rather than refrigeration to keep it from putrefying. But if salt does not contain the proper ingredients, what is it good for?

Verse 35 says "It is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill; but men cast it out. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear."

And I've seen pictures of wagons going through the streets of Jerusalem and salt is alongside of the road where the people just come out and just throw it out in the street.

It is not good for anything. Once salt loses its seasoning and it doesn't serve its purpose, it's no longer effective, or useful. Do you see what Jesus is saying?

He is saying here's the reason why I tell you all of these hard things. Because if your life is so entangled with the cares of this life, to where your life is no longer effective for Christ, we are good for nothing. Now our family might not agree with that. Oh you are good for something. Give me a few minutes and I'll think of something!

You see, we were created by the Creator for His purposes. But if my life gets so entangled with the things of this earthly life, where my life is no longer effective for Christ, where I can no longer say with the apostle Paul that whether I will live or whether I die may Christ be magnified in my body.

If I can no longer say that, I am really good for nothing. There will be nothing eternal, and nothing that represents the truth.

People around me won't see Christ in me, and they won't see my love for Him, my dedication to Him. They won't see my sacrifice and the surrender of my life to Him. They might see the Jesus sticker on my car, but I am "too busy" doing other things to follow him. The salt will be good for nothing, not even to pour on the dung hill.


David's Luke Chapter 14 comment on 7/17/2022, 12:26pm...

Hi Billy Luke 14:35+36 In eastern culture households had containers of salt for preserving food and seasoning, but when it rained or if the salt

became contaminated it was rendered useless i.e. like dung. Gods words are salted or pure when we allow things of the world to

break down the words in oiur lives we become useless. thats why we need to continually put it on and stay fresh spiritually in

our walk with God. Look up all things pertaining to salt in eastern culture in the bible very enlightening. Also Jesus Christ many

times explained spiritual truth according to the manner and custom of eastern culture and life.


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