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Chris's Zephaniah Chapter 3 comment about verse 19 on 4/27/2020, 11:17pm...

Donna, as with understanding any portion of Scripture, one needs to also learn something about the book one is reading & the times & situations that the book is written in. Zephaniah was a prophet of God, sent to help God's people (tribe of Judah) towards spiritual revival. You see, the people had become very wicked under the wicked kings of that day (Manasseh & Amon), & so Zephaniah came to call the people to repentance. After pronouncing God's Judgement on Judah & on the Gentile nations, the future promise to Judah was that if they turned back to the LORD, they would once again enjoy His Blessings. However, these blessings would not be fully realized by them, or even the Jews today, until Christ comes to reign on Earth in the Millennial period (Zeph 3:11-20). The blessings? They would be purified (vv 10-13); Christ would be reigning in their midst (v 15); they would be secure (vv 16,17): how insecure Israel is today with enemies about her; her enemies would be punished (v 19: your query of this verse: God will drive out her enemies, bring Israel together again & receive the praise for dealing so with her enemies & for putting her to shame). What a joyful time for Israel again when they finally acknowledge Jesus Christ is indeed the Messiah they were looking for & the One they crucified over 2000 yrs ago. All the Muslim nations that are against her today (sons of Ishmael) will be left destitute & in judgement for how they have dealt with God's people in these days. I hope this short explanation has been helpful for you to understand this Book. God bless you as you read God's Holy Word.


Donna's Zephaniah Chapter 3 comment about verse 19 on 4/27/2020, 2:27pm...

I am reading Zephaniah 3:19 and trying to understand the verse in plain language.



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