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Sophie's Judges Chapter 13 comment on 6/18/2020, 3:42pm...

I pray for the ptsd to lessen. It's such a difficult condition but none too hard for our Lord and Savior. I'm praying for his condition to improve at once. God bless you both!!!!


Chris's Judges Chapter 13 comment on 6/17/2020, 8:50pm...

Robert, okay I see your approach in writing this & I fully agree with what you've said. And to highlight the importance of the message, is indeed very important, though I find that one still needs to deal with the 'trees & leaves' for better understanding of that message. And this is probably where our divergent opinions become more pronounced as we grapple with those specific words; and I'm not referring to Bible translations, which you mentioned, here.

For example, I think of the endless debate on the Lord's Second Coming: indeed, it is a matter of great interest & expectation for most of us, but we all have our opinions on, for example, the 'last trump' & are convinced that what we believe is what is going to happen. I feel it is the right thing to want exposition of that phrase, but we generally won't admit that there is a possibility that we're wrong & just have to leave the matter until more Light comes our way. Yesterday, I was listening to a study on this aspect, where the teacher spoke of the Feast of Trumpets relating to the 'last trump'. He had taken pains to go through each of the Jewish Feasts, seeing each one fulfilled in Christ & the Church. So, I thought that was interesting, but should I accept that view in the light of the other interpretations offered? There must be a time when we need to step back & remain open without having guilt for not following a particular view. Blessings to you too as we together hunger more of God's Word.


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