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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 60 comment on 12/09/2022, 4:50am...

Psalm 60.

Apparently David was in charge of and/or led several campaigns in an area that is somewhat disputed today as to the exact location(s) due to the topography and changes in the landscape since Biblical times. Nonetheless I am unaware of any great miracles of God causing the earth to shift such as in verse 2.

The whole area surrounding Jerusalem in the territory God promised a includes not only the area already conquered and allotted to tribes but surrounding territories (verses 6-8). These larger regions and the other references seeming to indicate a larger judgment probably are prophetic to things which will happen in the end times. The trumpet and bowl judgments will affect the whole world with earthquakes; and the "wine of astonishment" referred to in verse 3 is found in Isaiah; Jeremiah; Ezekiel and a later Psalm as well as of course describing Babylon the Great in Revelation 17 and 18. Of course the Book of Lamentations involving the Babylonian captivity also caused great famine and cannibalism as a horrible sign resulting from the abominable sins that God forewarned about that would cause such things to be unleashed. That is also a warning today to Israel who will have to go through the fire in the Tribulation for national revival to finally occur.

Further evidence of future prophecy is seen in verses 10-12. Edom is mentioned in the Book of Hosea with last day fulfillments as well. Christ coming down to earth is mentioned in Zechariah 14. He will; of course tread down His enemies in the wine of His wrath alone (Isaiah 63:3) as well as Revelation 19.

Perhaps these themes were an encouragement to David as well as us that eventually all of the territory God promised in the promise of the Covenant He gave to Abraham will be fulfilled.


David's Psalms Chapter 60 comment on 8/28/2021, 8:49pm...

Leaving the safety of God's presence, we have brought unto ourselves troubles and cursing. Our enemies are before us and we are under their heavy hand because of our sins before you, Lord. We must confess, repent and fall on the mercies of God and on His grace. May we remember the blessings of old from the Lord's hand and that we may be again under the protective wings of our Lord God almighty. Bless us with your peace, and comfort. August 2021


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