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Fred's Matthew Chapter 8 comment on 10/12/2022, 12:04am...

Good question. This is what I believe, and is worth studying,

From the references, it appears to be saying the magi saw the star in the east; that is, it is their position in the east from which they saw the star. It's not the position of the star in the east.

Even so, How does the Magi know what to look for and where did they get the information? Was it passed down from gen. to gen? Almost all prophecy concerning the coming Christ is seen throughout the o.t.. This star was not predicted, nor why would the Magi follow it?

One thing is for sure! They believed it to be the glory of God. They believed the prophecy of a new born king! And followed the light that would become the savior of the world!

Somethings we should not question, while having the complete confidence that what is written is true! This is called FAITH!

Your questions are familiar as I hear Saul saying from His knees on the road to Damascus, LORD? Is that YOU?

I thank God that when He turmed the light on , it had enough power, for the whole world to see! Even blinding Paul!


Adam's Matthew Chapter 8 comment on 10/11/2022, 10:17pm...

Hi Freddie,

I'm happy to offer my opinion. We can and should worship God every day, but many churches choose Sunday as a day to worship I believe because the first century church met on the first day of the week- Sunday. Read Acts 20:7. Since that is an example we are given, surely that's a good time to meet.

For your 2nd question, can you please provide scripture with the east/west that you believe is confusing? Christmas- I don't know. I kind of doubt Dec 25 was the correct day Jesus was born. But we also don't know the exact place in Bethlehem or elevation Jesus was born. There are many variables.

What some Roman guy or Catholic said or did carries no weight or credibility. The fact is Acts 20:7 said long before them that they met on the first day of the week so its not wrong to gather that day.

As for 666, people into numerology can make any book have the same 'coincidences' through enough research, but this is merely confirmation bias. It's similar to the birthday paradox how it seems illogical and almost like a conspiracy how with so few people you have 2 or more with the same birthday. It's a cute party trick just like the 666. It's equally likely to find 555 or 444 or any other sequence if one crunches enough numbers, but it doesn't mean anything. If some day I see people funneled into taking a mark with 666 on it then I will know with certainty that is something to avoid, but someone doing a little trickery to make a coincidence seem like its not is insignificant in my opinion. God bless.


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