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Ronald L Whittemore's Matthew Chapter 8 comment on 12/16/2021, 12:40pm...


Traditions and holidays in Christianity have pagan influences that are with us today, and it is up to us individually what we do we do, we live, and we die unto the Lord. Your concern on the day Jesus was crucified, you are right, three days and three nights do not fit with Friday. What day of the week fits and are there scriptures that show what day it was?

We know Jesus rose on the first day of the week and it was before sunrise, Luke 24:1 Mark 16:9 John 20:1. The first day starts sundown on the Sabbath day the seventh day, so it was after the sun went down on the seventh day while it was still dark.

In John 12:1, he writes six days before Passover, Jesus in Bethany, and John 12:12-16 the next day Jesus rode into Jerusalem. This would be 5 days before Passover and with Jesus fulfilling this feast it would be the tenth of Nisan when the lambs were taken up Exodus 12:1-6. We call this Palm Sunday. The Passover day is on the 14th which is a preparation day for the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, a Sabbath day, Exodus 12:15-16.

So, if Sunday is the tenth, Mon. 11th, Tue 12th, Wed. 13th, Thur. 14th, Passover day, the day Jesus was crucified. Friday a Sabbath that John called a high day, John 19:31, Saturday a weekly Sabbath two Sabbaths back-to-back. If it was on a Friday, it's like you said, it does not fit, if it was any other day like Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. the women could have gone to the tomb before the weekly Sabbath with the spices for Jesus' body.

If you would like I can give the scriptures that cover what Jesus did each day after he rode into Jerusalem, it matches as well.

Hope this helps.

God bless,



Rick's Matthew Chapter 8 comment on 12/16/2021, 1:59am...

Gerard Always be carefully studying the scriptures verses false doctrinal traditions of men which are

changes from truth to belief systems outside of scripture, sometimes not unintentional. Remember man

hall not live by bread alone but by Every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. 2 Timothy 2:15


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