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Tim Gardner's Matthew Chapter 8 comment about verse 28 on 3/07/2021, 10:48am...

Matthew was likely not present as he meets Jesus later.

That being said, figuratively there was the possessed man at the beginning and the freed man at the end of the encounter.

The same can be said for everyone that is made free by Jesus.

Even you.


Chuck's Matthew Chapter 8 comment on 1/16/2021, 6:55pm...

In chapter eight, God has revealed to me so much about myself. This summer as I was working in the yard, something seemed to come up through the bottom of my shoes clear up and out the top of my head and caused me to do an act and as I was in route to do this, I said to myself, I really don't care who sees me. This was Not me but happened through me and was so quick I just seemed to have no control. This chapter has showed me number one it was the devil and I was at such a weak point and moment in my life that the devil can move and is waiting to move on you so quickly it does pay to study and know Gods word. The next thing I knew was someone from church had seen me and as said in the comment section, "God often,for wise and holy ends,permits the efforts of satin's rage. Thus the devil hurries people to sin;hurries them to what they have resolved against,which they know will be shame and grief to them: miserable is the condition of those who are led captive by him at his will." This has and still has lead sickness to me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I'm a Christian but I've never resolved to taking the time to set aside for God and his time to come first always an excuse so busy. That is the devil and his angels wanting you to believe that. He is a liar and always will be. This chapter and what God revealed to me was I should, and with God,s devine help, I will put God and his will for me first and in doing so, God will see I have the time effectively for my other responsibilities. Just as he does in our finances when we tithe and give God his first. I'm so thankful for this lesson and what it has meant to me. Talk about needing a road map, I have when it comes to getting things in correct order for the sake of my Lord Jesus Christ. Who else can we want or need to please other than our Savior. If you are his child, what an honor to say so and tell others about. I prayed so hard last evening for forgiveness to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I hurt.


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