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Erech Christ Nimrod's Luke Chapter 8 comment about verse 18 on 10/16/2020, 6:44am...

Study!!! learn the truth!!! why noble nimrod??? because you will hear sweet truth mixed with weak falsehood. you must be be able to tell truth from falsehood or you will follow the deceiving pied piper into hell on earth. that almost happened to me recently. i was saved by the knowledge father god and my twin brother christ gave me through rigorous and hard study through faith in god and christ's tough-love.

the bible says that we all are made in the image of god in genesis 1:27. i am a spiritual revolutionary "life"" coach king of kings and lord of lords (revelation 19:11-21). christ tells you in revelation 1:18 he conquered death!!! christ lives!!! christ tells you that he is sitting in the throne of victory with his father god in revelation 3:21.

so tell me christian, who is that bloody voodoo image nailed to a cursed catholic/christian cross forever that you worship??? that bloody forsaken image has you religiously trapped and forsaken. that bloody pagan image is not the truth. it is a lie!!! christ is alive and well!!!

anybody can die!!! what proved that christ is the son of god is that he defeated death!!! christ defeated death on the cursed cross!!!(revelation 1:18) christ won so that you can win....through faith in his victory over death!!!

these truly are the "last days." stand strong together brothers and sisters!!! amen.


Patricia Shelton's Luke Chapter 8 comment on 8/01/2020, 2:53pm...

I also believe this chapter cover a number of things Faith, verse 44 says came from behind him and touch the border of his garment. (the woman with the issues of blood), obey, verse 25 for he commands even the wind and the water,(leaving this disciples baffled). And the power of God, which he demonstrates through out chapter 8. If we trust God and live according to the laws there wouldn't be anything with held from us God word says To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God.


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