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Patricia Shelton's Luke Chapter 8 comment on 8/01/2020, 2:53pm...

I also believe this chapter cover a number of things Faith, verse 44 says came from behind him and touch the border of his garment. (the woman with the issues of blood), obey, verse 25 for he commands even the wind and the water,(leaving this disciples baffled). And the power of God, which he demonstrates through out chapter 8. If we trust God and live according to the laws there wouldn't be anything with held from us God word says To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God.


Khahlile Mathe's Luke Chapter 8 comment on 6/25/2020, 7:09am...

I re-read the whole chapter of Luke 8 and noticed that it is very rich with great things that our Lord did. The Lunatick man at the graves/tombs is a point to also focus on.

How his condition bothered the Lord and moved Him just to go for him in Gedarenes in Galelee. Such that many many evil spirits in this man shouted in unison; and asked;"What have I to do with thee Jesus thou Son of God, Most High?"

Jesus came from Galelee too as the man. He could have known about this man all along, yet waited for the right time to set him free.

At the right time Jesus went for him. Just to go and deliver him. Those demons bowed down before Jesus and begged Him not to sent them to torment before time


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