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Pastor-Ronnie Williams's Ephesians Chapter 2 comment on 5/11/2021, 2:14am...

To Janet, I believe anytime we fill that we have done wrong; bad thoughts, saying something bad about somebody, or anything that would hinder us from getting closer to our Lord, we should repent. If it takes 1 or a thousand times A DAY, that's what we need to do. James 4:17 (Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.) God bless and thanks for writing back.


Adam's Ephesians Chapter 2 comment on 5/11/2021, 12:14am...

There's many verses that show once-saved-always-saved is an unbiblical idea often used by Christians to feel better about them enjoying committing sin. But all someone needs is one verse to see that the belief contradicts itself- that is the unforgivable sin of blasphemy of the holy spirit Matthew 12:31-32. Someone who believes OSAS probably has a hard time with this verse, because it clearly says it's unforgiveable. Unforgiveable means no grace, which means not saved. So, to believe in OSAS someone must believe that Christians either don't have freewill, which isn't possible, because it would contradict other scripture, or that Christians could commit the unforgiveable sin, but somehow don't. They often say, if they do, then they're not 'true Christians'. But then you ask who is a 'true Christian' then- is giving your life to jesus enough? Do you have to go forward on an altar call at church? If you don't ever know who is a 'true Christian' then how can you know if anyone is ever saved? So, quite quickly the OSAS contradicts itself.

The Bible doesn't support OSAS. If someone commits their life to Christ, sins no more as Jesus said, and genuinely follows Jesus, then they are saved by grace and can even have assurance of salvation. But confidence in salvation doesn't mean someone is instantly saved and have a license to sin and have fun in the world, commit mass murder and do whatever and still be saved, as some assume. That behavior is contradictory to the Christian lifestyle. You must give up your life of sin- obey God. Many Christians do turn their back on Jesus and denounce the faith, unfortunately.

Some Christians assume they have a get out of hell pass and can sit back and do whatever feels good. That's from the devil. We are not of this world and are called to be different- a light. Also salvation isn't granted until after judgment day, not during this life as some assume. And no one goes to heaven until they're judged first. Keep the armor of God on and run the race well to the end as Paul said. Remember Jesus's many parables about few making it.


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