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GiGi's Ephesians Chapter 2 comment on 4/15/2022, 8:10pm...

Dear Shirley,

This verse points out that "in the ages to come He (God the Father) might show the exceeding riches of His grace in his kindness towards us in Christ Jesus".

I think in eternity we will always have a humble attitude before God as we will understand so much more deeply and thoroughly He loves us and how outstandingly great and precious the sacrifice of Jesus is. We will praise and extol the Lord forever, never seeking any glory for ourselves, but giving all the glory, honor and praise to God


S Spencer's Ephesians Chapter 2 comment on 4/15/2022, 4:19pm...

HI Shirley.

Amen to what Brother Chris and Jesse stated.

and for us to fully appreciate the kindness and mercies of God we must understand how condemned we are without the atonement of Christ.

God bless.


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