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Use the KJV Search Engine's Revelation Chapter 5 comment on 11/13/2020, 11:23am...

Using the Search Engine to Find Answers on Isaiah 54.

Know what? If we got a new video game we'd be awake 24/7, figuring out how to play it. Another 2 years trying to beat the game (including Time spent on YouTube watching cheats and tricks).

We're all over the place trying to Beat That Game!!!

Tell me why we don't go at the Bible the same way?? Dig, dig deeper, read commentaries on here, read commentaries on Google.

The Holy Spirit is your TEACHER. Ask Him. If you'll sit still long enough and be quiet, you will get answers.

PRAY for a TEACHABLE spirit.

They're not cheats; but your Bible will start speaking to your spirit.

Get a Study Bible that has Center of Each page, reference columns: with the abc notes within the scriptures. Those send you to other scriptures that EXPAND the meanings or reveal a prophesy.

Back out of the room to the Search Box.

Put a scripture in it or just a word (like worms) hit the arrow. The search engine will pull up all verses with 'worms' in it.

Touch or click the verse and it will highlight yellow.

Scroll downward to the Commentary Box. Click that. It will show you what the scholars interpret that scripture to mean.

Questions answered. It makes studying fun and interesting.

Be adventurous.

There's a quickie link from KJV to Google to help you find a scripture you're unsure about. Like: "Jesus releasing prisoners from hell".

Learn to study! For yourselves. Share what you find, on here. IT IS FUN! God speaks to us through His Word.

When you sit down to study: pray: I HAVE THE SAME MIND OF CHRIST !! I receive it by faith right now. God watches over His Word To Perform it.

Habakkuk 2:2-4 find your identity in the Bible.

LEARN how to use the Tools to get your questions answered sooner. Let's rejoice that we have them! Old Testament saints didn't have Bibles. Have courage.



Roland estep's Revelation Chapter 5 comment on 11/11/2020, 7:12pm...

What are the seven spirits of God, referenced in Revelations chap5 verse 6.


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