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GiGi's Deuteronomy Chapter 1 comment on 9/05/2023, 4:39pm...

Chapter 1

Pt. 2

verses 9-18-Moses explains how he set judges from every tribe to govern the tribes during their journey. This practice of appointing judges continued after they had conquered the land under Joshua. (Book of Judges).

The judges were commanded to hear the cases among their tribes and to judge justly without partiality, judging the small as well as the great, not fearing man (as to be bribed or threatened) because the judgment that is just is of God, though it comes through men appointed as judges-just as God gave His law and spoke to the Israelites through a man, Moses.

Having the responsibility of making judgements for others is very serious and one must be careful to follow the instructions given by God here. We are "judges" when we train up our children, or have a position of "elder" or "pastor". May we be faithful in making godly judgments in our God appointed calling.

Verses 19-46. The rest of the chapter is a re-telling of the account of the 12 spies, the response of the people, and the reason why God lead the nation in the pillar in 38 years of wandering from Kadesh-barnea and the mountains of the Amorites and to the Red Sea at Eliat and back again in a sort of circuit.

Even after the Lord told them they would wander in the wilderness and die there, the people still did not heed God's voice concerning taking on the Amorites. God told them not to do it, but they did anyway and suffered great loss. They thought that since they had not obeyed God at first to take on the Amorites, now that they had confessed their sins and repented, they could then go and obey God's command to fight the Amorites. But upon seeking God's counsel, he said "No", but they did anyway and then returned from battle weeping, confessing that they had not listened and obeyed him. So after that defeat, Israel camped a while at Kaesh-barnea. Here the chapter ends.

Obedience is important. God's blessing is shown to those who obey Him in the present.


GiGi's Deuteronomy Chapter 1 comment on 9/05/2023, 4:20pm...

Chapter 1:

It is the 40th year since the nation of Israel left Egypt and the slavery they were under there. They were delivered by the mighty merciful hand of God. The journey from Egypt to Mt. Sinai (Horeb) took 3 months. After camping at Mt. Sinai for 2 years, they were led by God to the very edge of the land of Canaan. From Mt. Sinai to Kadesh-barnea took only 11 days. But because of the bad report by the spies and that the nation believed the spies instead of God, the adults of that generation would die in the wilderness and not enter the land promised. God had them wander for 40 years until all adults of that generation had died except for Moses, Joshua, and Caleb. How costly their unbelief had been to them. They believed the wrong persons and sinned against God by doing so in a big way.

How important it is to know what God has revealed in His Word so that we can place our faith rightly in Him in Christ. We also should bot be easily discouraged when times are hard and it may appear like God is not going to fulfill His word to us, but He will, and we should not lose hope nor faith in Him.

In this chapter Moses begins the first of many sermons to the Israelites who would indeed go into the promised land and possess it. He has much to say, and here He begins by reviewing how the nation got to where they were at present. He emphasized how mighty and faithful God was to the nation.

The Israelite army had already slew the kings of the east side of the Jordan, Sihon of the Amorites and Og of Bashan. The nation was dwelling in peace on the plains of Moab. Moses begins by telling when God said that the nation had dwelt long enough at Horeb and instructed them to go to the mountain of the Amorites (perhaps referring to the mountain range that is basically north to south along the eastern side of the Arabah (fertile valley south of the Dead Sea). The Amorites controlled most of the lands south and east of the Dead Sea-the lands of Edom, Ammon, and Moab.


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