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Validity of the KJV Bible's Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 comment on 11/19/2020, 10:39pm...

Israel has found almost ALL of the original. Scrolls. They're locked up of course.

You can see them by googling or 700 club has videos of it.

Comparing the KJV Bible to other versions. King James of England spared no effort to get a Bible into "the little" lay people who did not have Bibles.

People, priests were burned at the stake for smuggling a page of scripture so everyone could read it.

We are so spoiled. Anyone can walk into a Goodwill Store and find a Christian KJV Bible. Careful not to get a Jehovah Witnesses Bible or even a R.C. Bible. KJV's are getting harder to find.


Anna Balderama's Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 comment on 11/19/2020, 9:59pm...

It's simply because they want to mislead people from the truth. That's why they made a lot of versions. If you are searching and looking for the truth about God or the real God you must read the King James version because its 99.9 % accurate from the original version. It was proven when the scroll of Isiah was found in the dead sea and when they checked it from the King James version it was 99.9 % accurate and this KJV is really infallible. That's why the reason is simply to misinformed or deceived people or drive people away from the truth.

I think if everyone wants to be more enlightened search if it is really true about the scroll of Isiah.


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