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Lisa Chapman's Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 comment about verse 8 on 7/16/2020, 10:40pm...

Hi Emma,

I pray that you are doing well. After reading your post, I realized just how important it really is for us to have faith in God as our protector, just as He is our Creator. Have faith. The shootings you hear are most likely a result of violence, and as long as you are not involved you are not a target. Also, it is best they do not ever see you look in their direction. Don't try to see where it is coming from, or who is shooting. If it is in fact a murder taking place, if they see you see them, it is likely you will then be shot as a result of witnessing them commit murder. Pray, and always have trust and faith in God that He is your protector and provider of all things needed. :)

Many Blessings,

Lisa Chapman


Adam's Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 comment on 6/25/2020, 9:31pm...

Jesus said to turn the other cheek Matthew 5:39, but in my opinion that means to not seek vengeance or to retaliate to participate in endless quarrels or conflicts. We are called to be an example of love and called to forgive. That doesn't mean we should forsake our personal safety or safety of our family or loved ones. We also should protect ourselves and loved ones as our bodies are valuable holy temples and we need to be good stewards of our gifts, talents, and our ability to serve others. The Bible also talks about being on our guard, prepared, with the armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-18.

So, it's my opinion that we should take care of ourselves, including physically, like what we eat, exercise, hygiene, security, and personal safety. For safety there are lots of ways to protect oneself and ones property, like door alarms, security light sensors, cameras, pepper spray, dazzler lights, loud sirens, decoys, surprises, extra secure doors, windows, layers. I personally would do 100% of that before buying firearms, but that is my personal opinion. Even though we should protect ourselves we should not fear, but trust God. Matthew 10:28. May God bless you!


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