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Linda Oswald's 1 John Chapter 5 comment on 1/03/2021, 2:21pm...

Thank you Chris. It's always better to let the scriptures explain the scriptures. I appreciate the reference to I John 2:22-23.


Chris's 1 John Chapter 5 comment on 1/02/2021, 8:05pm...

You can get different interpretations of this verse, as also seen in verse 8 of 1 John chapter 5. I've heard it as being associated with Jesus' baptism in 'water' & the culmination of earthly Work by the shedding of His 'Blood' at the Cross. And this may well be correct as I can see its inference.

However, I rather see these verses, & being consistent with John's Gospel chapter 3:5: "Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.", as applying to Jesus' physical Birth. Why I also think in this way, is because much of John's epistle is devoted to highlighting the Gnostic teaching entering the Church & for believers to stand on apostolic teaching, to not be swayed by these others, & be confident in their faith. One aspect of this Gnostic (Docetic) teaching was that "the incarnation (i.e. Jesus coming in the flesh, from God) was incredible (unbelievable), as deity cannot unite itself with anything material (such as a body of flesh)."

So the Gnostics rejected the idea that God could make Himself appear in material human form (as many even reject this now) but said that Jesus was only a special Perfect Man & without the Divine in Him. So what 1 John 5:6 is saying, is that Jesus did come from God in human form (water & blood depicting the birth process & the human aspects) & God's Spirit witnesses to this fact. As there are three that bear witness in Heaven (verse 7), so to on Earth, three bear witness & agree together: the Spirit & Christ's full humanity (water & blood).

In 1 John 2:22,23, John had to relate a similar warning to the Christians: that the one who denies the Divinity of Jesus (i.e. that He came from God & in the flesh, & has both the Divine & Human natures) has the anti-Christ spirit within him & has to be avoided. I hope this helps you - others may contribute their understanding on these verses also, as you can also get other opinions from different Bible commentators.


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