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GiGi's 1 John Chapter 5 comment on 12/09/2021, 4:48pm...

Cynthia, you are correct. The Bible does not condemn consuming alcohol as long as it is done in moderation. One can have one's choice of alcoholic beverage occasionally or even often and not sin. It is when it becomes a compulsion or someone gets drunk on purpose, where it becomes a sin because it affects your mind and body in a way that can lead to further sin through poor judgment and it dulls one to the move and work of the Spirit within us.

I, myself, rarely have a drink with alcohol in it. I do use it in some dishes I prepare. My husband's family is full of people exhibiting alcoholic behaviors. So, I made the decision to not drink with them when we were first married 42 years ago, as I wanted to be clear minded and always ready to be a positive witness for Jesus.


David's 1 John Chapter 5 comment on 12/09/2021, 12:14pm...

Cynthia Like what's been shared everything in balance knowing what you can handle and still be a witness

if you like a glass of wine a day big deal but if you can't live without it different situation again balance. We

control things they don't control us.


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