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Jesse's Romans Chapter 13 comment on 5/20/2020, 10:12am...


I was unable to respond, as the thread was locked for additional comment. So I am responding here.

The parable of the sower describes four different heart conditions. The condition you bring up is the person represented by the stony ground. They get excited about the things the Lord. They began to blossom with their emotion right away. You begin to see those signs above ground, and it appears to be instant growth. So this person gets excited, but then when it's time to start maturing in the Lord, which comes through trials and tribulations, that person is immediately offended.

They don't have that happy feeling anymore, they are not excited anymore. Now it is time for growth. Now it is time to settle down with the Lord, and they get offended and they leave. That person was never saved. This is not a person that was once saved, and then walked away and lost their salvation. They were never saved, period.

In the Parable of the Sower, there's only one person out of these four that are saved. Only one person bears the fruit of salvation, and that's our number four man. None of the other three bear fruit, meaning none of the other three represent salvation.

It seems as though you are saying that belief in a pre-tribulation rapture would cause someone to be persecuted, or perhaps cause them to forfeit their salvation? Am I just misunderstanding you? Jesus said we can expect persecution for His name's sake. It should be no surprise to us if we are persecuted for identifying with Christ. Thanks for caring about me. I care about you also. But don't be too concerned for me because I believe in Pre-trib. That will not separate me from Christ. I thank you for the YouTube invite, but something deep inside my spirit tells me I need to be cautious, so I will respectfully decline.


Geraldine cole's Romans Chapter 13 comment on 5/20/2020, 2:52am...

Pray for understanding j shall RECEIVE understanding


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