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Women Making a Difference's Isaiah Chapter 3 comment on 10/16/2021, 1:41pm...

Thank God for your faith.

You may be edified by viewing some of Iverna Tompkins videos on YouTube.

We are all people of these difficult times and days. Women need encouragement to evangelize the women who are needing it. I am not saying: revolution. We can all see of women in Jesus's life on earth, and all through the New Testament, who helped as they could and made a difference. Were written of, in the Bible. Hebrews 11

It's just as important to raise our children with confidence in Jesus, to walk with them too.

We're not orphans. We're adopted by the "spirit of adoption", and legal children of our Savior and King.


English Sacha's Isaiah Chapter 3 comment on 10/16/2021, 7:37am...

Dear Hope , there is so much that can be said about Jesus and the things that were revealed in the New Testament regarding women . How about the lady who had had an issue of blood for twelve years ? She should have been at home in isolation because her condition meant that she was pretty much permanently unclean , instead she mingled with a throng of people and touched Christ's garment . What was his response to her ? Is this in any way connected to the events in Genesis and the curse that was put on women because of Eve's sin ? I could say more about this and other signifant instances regarding women but I'm not going to . What's the point . May God bless you my sister in Christ .


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