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Numbers Chapter 27


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David's Numbers Chapter 27 comment on 5/21/2021, 9:43am...

Our current government leaves much to desire by way of leadership and love of Scripture. Covid 19 seems over whelming; our economy may be tanking; however, rest assured our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ is still in charge. Although it seems to be bleak, scripture tells us otherwise. Our redemption will come quickly. Know Jesus Christ-Know Peace; No Jesus Christ-No Peace!

Read the Bible and trust in His Words.


Stanjett's Numbers Chapter 27 comment on 10/02/2019, 5:42pm...

Remember, Jesus was not born yet. They were still under the law of which if a man do them they shall live by them. We all were born in sin. He will be judged by the things done in his body.


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