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Mishael Jeremiah 199's Jeremiah Chapter 19 comment on 9/28/2020, 12:11pm...

In Jeremiah 19, we read about people who engage in literal child sacrifices to their false god, BAAL. This is also referred to as causing their children to pass through the fires of MOLECH. This was a horrible practice and a distortion and perversion of the final, atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for the remissions of sin.

During times of intense warfare where cities are laid siege, the trapped population would be starved out. It became so bad that some people would resort to cannibalism in the face of prolonged starvation as a result of long sieges. This was punishment for enemies that were cruel and relentless in their persecution of others. I suppose that eventually all their bad deeds catch up with them. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Sometimes you have to use Google for a Commentary.

I think your relative was horrified an marked it. Google those heathen deities to read of that culture.

They were not Jews.


Carlyn McKee's Jeremiah Chapter 19 comment on 9/28/2020, 5:45am...

Can you help me understand Jeremiah 19:9-13?

I just opened a family bible I inherited and it is the only passage highlighted. It's a bit grim... and I would love to hear more about it in context from a scholar.

Thank you.


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