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Psalms Chapter 146


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Bill George's Psalms Chapter 146 comment on 1/06/2022, 6:42am...

A wonderful psalm that exalts the Lord and all His glorious works to save man from the sins that so easily beset us. And warns against confidence in mankind and in prince's that can not do what God did and is doing to exalt His glorius plans to bring in Jesus the Christ of God the Father as mankind's Prphet, Prist, and King of the earth. Praise the one true living God and Father in Jesus Holy name for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men. Amen.


David's Psalms Chapter 146 comment on 11/11/2021, 11:30am...

Re: Alma Stephens YouTube has audio KJV bible that you can listen as well as read along. I have used it many times. Take care Alma, I'm putting you on my prayer list right now.

God bless you.


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