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Chris's Luke Chapter 17 comment on 12/25/2020, 2:41pm...

The matter of finances, particularly financial responsibility, has been one of the many issues that has been the wedge causing much grief, even driven families apart. Trading with goods & later, the introduction of money, has always been a part of our human experience & necessity & is never condemned by Jesus - only in the aspect of where our affections & time are given to (Luke 18:18-25). I believe that all couples need to discuss this matter, as they would concerning children, property, etc., early on in their marriage, so the groundwork may be laid for an agreed & acceptable manner of dealing with finances.

Some couples believe that separate bank accounts are necessary, what one earns & spends being the responsibility of each one; & this might work especially when agreement cannot be reached otherwise. For my wife & I, all monies that are brought in, are treated as common earnings/savings in joint accounts. We realize that if we save or spend unwisely, then we will suffer together in that decision. However, if one of us is unable to handle money correctly (& there are many lacking wisdom in this area), then the other should have the control. But a lot of this can be sorted out, by first discussing this matter & making clear agreements early on.

And so in the matter of dealing with 'obligatory' & 'optional' expenses, monies need to be set aside for those purposes, so that utility expenses, repayment of loans, food purchases, children's education, the Lord's Work, etc. are not neglected thereby causing greater hardship. As my wife advises others, "not every one has the wherewithal to put steak on the plate each day or afford a Gucci or Louis Vuitton hand bag" - prudence dictates that we spend according to our means. Saving for the future or for the children, is wise, & not a demonstration of a lack of faith in God (Proverbs 6:6-8). If a spouse can't be trusted to even spend $20, then that problem needs airing & a strict discipline to spending applied for all.


Roy Rhodes's Luke Chapter 17 comment on 12/25/2020, 5:26am...

What should the responsibility of a wife be financially if she works should she be splitting reponsibilties of utilties and such if she works according to the bible should not we save money for emergencies and also save for our childrens inheritance Should spending money be discussed with one another even if its 20 dollars especially if you have a partner who is very free with money


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