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Good morning Rachel,

Christians have been persecuted anywhere in which the Gospel is preached. Now, there are two things to take into consideration:

1. Is Social Media a healthy environment/platform for Christians?

Answer (which is an opinion): Social media is one of the most toxic environments Christians can immerse themselves in. In times past, other generations warned of some of the secular programming on TV. The same came when internet became more widely available. The same should be said of social media. Not everyone who claim to be saved on social media is and by disclosing your private life to the public; it allows the wicked on social media to use your own person against you without knowing you. The best platform for evangelizing or exercising any form of the great commission would be to meet with a physical local group of Christians to reach the lost.

2. If used (Social Media) , have you tried creating a private group and filtering those who join & limiting posts to be previewed before posting? These are options to take into consideration. You can create a group but you'd need to become a page monitor to filter out people/posts which would cause conflict or lack of fellowship.

3. Censorship in Social Media?

Christ says we're not of the world and the world hates us (paraphrased). That said, social media was designed to glamorize the flesh and seek virtue signaling for favor and self indulgence ("likes" for praise). Now, Facebook operates by what the secular world also deems as politically correct. Therefore, any multitude of Bible verses or entire chapters would offend unbelievers or lukewarm "christians." For example, can you imagine what a secular Facebook moderator would do if they read Romans chapter 1? Social media belongs to the world and they'll censor anything that goes against the new corrupt views of the world. If you're banned...maybe it's time to reconsider where you outreach to Christians.


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