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Robert's Ezekiel Chapter 37 comment on 9/01/2020, 2:10pm...

In reply to Elder Herman Broxton and Chris

Reasons why OT matters

History of God's chosen people

Apostacy of the Church

Not to be legalistic

Forgiveness and generosity taught

God wants to be involved in our lives

Different types of prayer

Teaches us how to worship

Man's desire to be stiff necked and rebellious

Prophecy some for the latter days; some of a better covenant

Fortells the coming of Christ

Why the Messiah was rejected

Reasons for the New Testament

In the Messiah's words

The Comforter or Holy Ghost explained

A better covenant (a direct link to God; Jesus as the intersessor, HG as the teacher and guide, the Word written upon mankinds heart)


Freely given, paid for, open to all who ask and seek

Warnings of false prophets and doctrines

Notes: the New Testament wasn't written or formulated until 60 years after Christ's death, resurrection and ascension but people claim the Old Testament is irrelevant (i.e. "Nailed to the Cross").

The Bible was not canonized until 1611.

Before that some prophecies were still being fulfilled (i.e. destruction of Tyre). Many prophecies still are future. (i.e. restoration of Israel, 2nd Coming, resurrections).

We are no longer in the dark ages. The Bible is more available to all than it has ever been. The internet connects the world like never before. False prophets and doctrines occur at a ridiculous pace (i.e. Another prophecy from both Testaments).

Yet mankind still persists, our way is better than God's.

Read it for yourself. Use the resources mentioned above. Don't trust anyone's interpretation but the HG's. Devotionals or doctrines that treat the Bible like a bag of trail mix seem wrong (i.e. Isn't that how this started? Hasn't it continued ever since?).

Grace, not legalism. The Lord wants a relationship with all and all to be reborn.

May your journey be fruitful, full of joy, and may you be counted worthy of the Creator's kingdom.

Blessings and Prayers


Tim's Ezekiel Chapter 37 comment about verse 22 on 7/14/2020, 9:07pm...

where can i find the lost books of the bible


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