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Chris's Ezekiel Chapter 37 comment on 12/19/2020, 2:02am...

Assuming that your coded word can mean, 'reference' (to the end of time), we cannot be sure about Damascus' situation in the last days. Isaiah 17:1 declares that Damascus will be destroyed & verse 3 links it to Ephraim. This prophecy was fulfilled in c. 732 BC when the Assyrians attacked the city of Aram (see 2 Kings 16:5-9 for this account): King Ahaz of Judah sent messengers to the King of Assyria for help & deliverance from the invasion by the King of Syria (at Aram). The Assyrian king complied, attacked Damascus & captured it. And the King of Aram (Rezin) was subsequently killed.

So in one sense the destruction of Damascus was completed, but we know that Damascus was later rebuilt & became quite an influential city in New Testament times, becoming a flourishing major cultural centre with numerous synagogues and a large Jewish community. So there is no more destruction foretold of the city in the Bible, but one could expect that it would figure in the last days as the Anti-Christ sets up his throne in Jerusalem & that whole region will be subservient to him or else face his wrath. Though certainly that region, along with Damascus will suffer under God's Anger in the days of the Great Tribulation. In that case, the prophecy against Damascus is yet to see its ultimate fulfilment.


Jim's Ezekiel Chapter 37 comment on 12/18/2020, 6:43pm...

The destruction of Damascus, would it be a point of trfrtrncr to the rnd of time, when Christ shall appear again?


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