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Mark Valesano's Isaiah Chapter 28 comment about verse 18 on 8/13/2022, 5:42pm...

Isaiah 28:10 and 13 appear to be repetitive in nature, but there is a significant difference that shows they mean two different things. In 28:10, the verse starts out, "For precept must be upon precept...", while in v. 12-13, "Yet they would not hear. But the word of the Lord was to them, precept upon precept..". In verse 10, God is declaring that His truth contained within the ordinances, commands, and statutes are best learned when repeated and heeded by those to whom it's spoken or read. However, if one simply wants to ignore the value of God's doctrines, then to them it becomes a repetitive list of do's and don'ts. Just so many rules that are too inhibitive and legalistic for a loving God to apply to them. Matthew Henry had it right in his commentary on these verses. Those who seek to serve the Lord build their lives upon the cornerstone of His Word (Jesus), while those who would serve themselves see the Bible as a stumbling block.


Richard H Priday's Isaiah Chapter 28 comment on 2/12/2022, 5:36am...

The descendants of Ephraim were said to be related to a son of Joseph with Asenath who was given to him by Pharaoh. Apparently, Manasseh was one of the descendants; and they were involved more with the Northern Kingdom and later disbanded. In any event; wherever the 12 tribes are in Israel today; the final treaty with "death and hell" (no doubt the Daniel 9:27 treaty)

(v.18) will be broken. Surely the cornerstone in verse 16 when ignored will bring Antichrist; and Christ Himself warned that they would accept one with his own name (John 5:43). Their attempt to bring about a king; no doubt of Messianic Davidic decent will be brought to fruition with the bad fruit of this imposter. It is hard to say if the general drunken state will bring about the spiritual seduction that is implied here with the false prophets in verse 7 directly resulting in this deception; or if there is a general lack of discernment forseeing this event.

Verses 18 through 20 show the destruction coming; and the rest of the verses could have harvests that have a hidden meaning as to the firstfruits; then Christ at His coming comparing the rapture and later resurrection(s) to harvests-this is seen perhaps best with the barley harvest being first; and a wheat harvest (Tribulum) being a different process thrrough the fire as it were to extract the good grain. Other verses show the grape harvest; the trodding down as in Armageddon; as the final one; corresponding with bowl judgments in some respect.


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