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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 61 comment on 12/10/2022, 6:34am...

Psalm 61. A story of vows.

Verse 5 in this short Psalm indicates vows that David made; unknown as to exactly what they were. The next verse states assurance of long life which Solomon was promised in 1 Kings 3:14 IF He would remain obedient and not stray as warned in the conditions listed there as well as in 2 Chronicles 1:11 and sequential verses (without the promise of long life there). Solomon's sins probably shortened his life; however despite his lengthy reign.

In David's case vows were given; whereas in Solomon's case I know of no such example. There are warnings; in fact in Ecclesiastes which Solomon wrote after learning some bitter life lessons where he mentions vows. (Ecclesiastes 5:4-8). God requires it; and we are "fools" if we don't. A vow can be a one time act such as Paul in Acts 18:18; or one that is done for as long as a lifetime (such as a marriage vow). Thus; we need to be careful what we promise and have every intention to complete it. Judges 11 shows the seriousness of a poorly thought out vow (much controversy there as to the meaning; it would probably mean dedicating as a perpetual virgin to the Lord in the case of a human as opposed to an animal sacrifice). There are whole commentaries on that passage of scripture.

In this Psalm we should focus on the eternal benefits of those who trust God. Verse 7 indicates the king will abide before God "forever"; and this would clearly foreshadow the Messiah who was to be a son of David who would finally be the one to restore the Kingdom and fulfill all the promises left undone. It would seem that David's vows were for a lifetime of some sort of service (verse 8). The continual praise certainly should accompany what we vow; that would be nice to see in marriages. The rock in verse 2 certainly would indicate Deity; and God's protection in verses 3 and 4 show our heavenly home to come and the angelic protection promised for His saints (see Psalm 91:4).


Delilah's Psalms Chapter 61 comment on 9/06/2022, 2:39am...

Your faith in him will save you .


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