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Leviticus Chapter 12


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GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 12 comment on 11/24/2022, 8:23pm...

Leviticus Chapter 12

This chapter details the requirements for time set aside for women following childbirth. They basically are considered unclean for as long as they continue to have a blood flow from giving birth. This usually is about 6 weeks, sometimes longer.

Although I do not see why the time of purification was longer for a female baby versus a male. But God has His reasons here.

God is consistent in determining that contact with blood is unclean (unless you are a priest offering a blood sacrifice).

I do think that God was giving this ordinance as a protection for the woman and her baby. They were to basically be secluded from the community during this time to avoid touching any holy thing or from anyone touching them and becoming unclean. What this ordinance allows for is time. Time for the Mom and baby to bond and get a good start on breastfeeding and infant care. The mother is the one who takes care of the baby during this time.

They both are in a vulnerable state for becoming ill, overtired, and stressed. Knowing that, as a mother, you don't need to overexert yourself with affairs other than caring for yourself and baby (and other young children in her care). A mother's body needs time to heal and regain strength and vitality. Childbirth takes a lot out of the mother and is stressful for the baby. Being able to repose in a calm environment away from the hustle and bustle of community life is a good thing for both mother and baby.

Sometimes it is too easy to see God's strictness in giving such laws, but I see in this His mercy and care for mothers and babies. He wanted to be sure they get off to a good start. The fact that He designed it that the mother continues to have a blood flow for the time frames listed is a physical reminder of the need to slow down, put first things first. There will be many more days for the woman to be considered "clean" and welcomed into the assembly than the days of being "unclean". God gave women down time. Yes!


Bruce's Leviticus Chapter 12 comment on 5/15/2019, 1:24pm...

Context Gives The Meaning of a Word Most of The Time. They Knew Turtle =Turtle-dove / Like Lead, Made, Maid, Weight, Wait, leaves Etc. Content Gives Meaning.


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