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Marsha Dixon's Psalms Chapter 109 comment on 1/22/2021, 1:02pm...

My take on Psalm 121very powerful David is actually telling is enemies about is GOD and how powerful he's so David is saying because of my obedient to GOD and is command, when I pray

to the GOD who made the HEAVEN and the EARTH he will be a watchman for you, whatever you do. he will not let you, to be a shame, you will not fail he will not let your foot be weak

and assuring them that he's a GOD that do not slumber he do not sleep he watches over is

children's he's the GOD of the Day and the GOD of the night no harm will come near you

when you go out and you come in this's a promise he made. if GOD made a promise he will surely keep it. remember when JESUS said in Matthew I will never leave you nor for sake you he will be with you to the very end that's a promise. and he's still with us saints of GOD.


Mishael's Psalms Chapter 109 comment on 11/17/2020, 12:37pm...

The Bible says the TREE is known by its FRUIT. So, hatefulness is not like Christ.


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