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Tunney's Ezekiel Chapter 5 comment on 9/02/2023, 11:07am...

We should heed the word of the LORD, and confess, repent, trust and obey HIM. Only the LORD JESUS CHRIST can save us from the rumored next nation wide lock down. Economy failing, inflation rampant, abortion still widely practiced. Political leadership in need of deep and intimate prayer. Let the saints arise and call on our GOD who is capable of righting all things for HIS praise and glory.

We must endeavor to follow HIS desires and not our own. As the LORD does not want any to perish; we must also be about the work of our FATHER and SAVIOR. Let us all put on the armor of the LORD and move forward fully equipped to do battle.

GOD to shine HIS face upon all on this forum, and gloriously bless us as we pray and go forth in HIS name.

September 2, 2023


Zelma Mills's Ezekiel Chapter 5 comment about verse 10 on 6/10/2021, 3:56am...

He sent his son to die in our stead so we would have the right to eternal life. Also, God needed a mediator. No man goes to the Father but by me according to the Word of God. Jesus is our mediator. We can't get to God except we go through His Son. God gave his Son, the Son gave his life so that we could have the right to the tree of life. Jesus died so that many more wouldn't have to. But he didn't die an eternal death but he reins eternally.


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