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Judges Chapter 15


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Mountain Preacher's Judges Chapter 15 comment on 8/12/2021, 2:26am...

Levi : You must realize that the Philistines had murdered and raped Isralite women and enslaved the men. They were judged by God for their actions/.


David's Judges Chapter 15 comment on 6/12/2021, 8:12pm...

Depicts the power of the Lord God and His judgements. May seem harsh, but we must trust in Him in all things. For we don't know as much as we think we do.

Our country is racked with the Pandemic. Our economy has fallen, many have no jobs. We have left our first love.

Our current leadership in Washington has practically abandoned Israel unto itself.

Prayer is our only hope and the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the clouds.


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