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Israel's Isaiah Chapter 29 comment about verse 12 on 6/15/2020, 1:39am...

I wonder how many of those reading know Dan9;27 was made 17th January 2016 in the Great Synagogue Rome between the Pope & the most popular king of the Jews -Binyamin Netanyahu [666 in old Hebrew Gematria WAS 1996 the 8th head-3 repeat office before him- & the little horn/son -meaning BIBI] & was broken with the dedication [3.5 yrs later July 2019] of his false ABYSS[[rev11;7] Synagogue[Ezekiel 8] under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem- first Temple in the old Great City in almost 2000yrs. It was sanctified 17th September 2019 with Pure Red Heifer sacrifice on Mt of Olives. October -God's anger not in diverse places[birth pangs] but worldwide- start of Great Tribulation I believe. We ARE in ENDTIME; but there is a DELAY -Rev10;6. ..Time [3.5yrs] times [3.5yrs] & a half a time [+ 1.75yrs] =14yrs

"They [Israel] will be given into to his [antiChrist's] hand'- Dan7;25. 1996 to 1999 WAS NOT trod down 3 kings WAS AGAIN 2009 -returned without the honour of kingship[Livni wins election] until 9th April 2019 unable to form Govt -only caretaker king until 18th May 2020 [he is short of 14yrs by 13 months]he forms coalition Govt so adding on the balance he should be removed June/July 2021.......Maranatha Shalom.... Messianic Jew.


Chris's Isaiah Chapter 29 comment about verse 12 on 6/14/2020, 4:48pm...

Jessie, it is generally accepted that approximately 400 years spanned the time between Malachi and Matthew. In this time, various Periods were identified that affected Israel. And these are: The Achaemenid Period (450-330 BC); Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Period (330-166 BC); The Hasmonean Period (166-63 BC); The Roman Period (63 BC-birth of Christ & beyond).

It would be a great task to presently examine these periods of time, so if you do a Web search, you will learn more to satisfy your knowledge.


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