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GiGi's Zechariah Chapter 7 comment on 11/06/2021, 5:21pm...


you are correct. Fasting is a good spiritual work. It can be a fast planned a head of time or at regular intervals, for some people, or it can be a fast when something serious arises that warrants a time to fast and pray, and sometimes one is prompted to fast though the reason and situation is unknown to the person, but the Holy Spirit prays with the person as intercession is made for an unknown circumstance.


Celeste a word student's Zechariah Chapter 7 comment on 11/06/2021, 4:11am...

I've come to understand Zechariah is not a condemnation of fasting, but rather a wake-up call to examine our heart, that it is pure and guiding us to treat one another with true judgement, without malice. We (Christians) are called to be merciful to all others, particularly the vulnerable. To the degree that we do not, our fasting is in vain.


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