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Richard H Priday's Isaiah Chapter 14 comment on 2/05/2022, 2:48pm...

In this chapter; we have one of two infamous commentaries with a detailed description of Lucifer (see verse 12 for specific reference). The other passage in Ezekiel 28 gets into further detail of the "anointed cherub" and his downfall to what is now Satan. There once again; as in so many other prophetic passages in scripture a statement about a human emissary of evil (here no doubt the Antichrist or the "King of Babylon" as quoted in verse 4). He is also referenced as "the Assyrian" in verse 25. No doubt certain previous fulfillments from verse 28 to the end of the chapter with Palestina were fulfilled when King Ahaz died; but the current Palestinians also will face future judgment as earlier passages in Isaiah and elsewhere indicate.

The time element as to the destruction of Antichrist and the False Prophet who will go to judgment in verses 16 to 27 clearly comes before the casting of Satan himself to hell where the "Beast and False Prophet are" at the end of the millennium as stated in Revelation 20:10.

That section would be in verses 12 through 15 in this chapter as a cross reference. The actual brutal world dictatorship mentioned in verse 6 is followed by those in hell in verse 9. The kings of the nations could be also indicate the many nations in Ezekiel who are observing the same thing from the Kingdoms of earth in hell in Ezekiel 32. Those kings of the earth who are imprisoned could also be referred to here in hades awaiting final judgment in Isaiah 24:22. In any case; those who are part of his system will no longer build cities (verse 21); and Revelation discusses all the cities and towers falling. In the mountains of Israel the "Assyrian" will be put to an end (verse 25 and 26); and the living as well as the dead will know it. The section mentioned in verse 12 through 15 shows the original sin of pride and self worship that led to Lucifer's downfall; the end result being judgment after losing his place in heaven; heavenly realms; then the earth


Jubra Shoebat's Isaiah Chapter 14 comment on 9/25/2021, 9:27am...

chapter 13 and 14 are (by design and foreknowledge) narratives of what has been happening in the US for many decades and what is about to come upon the luciferian cabul that released the pandemic, locked the nations down, silenced and handcuffed the church, and looted the nation through the manipulation of the crises they created.

In 2022 look for NUREMBERG like military tribunals.

And that president #45that all you mainline-denominational-world-aligned religious' leaders hate -

yes, that president #45, is the modern day CYRUS of ch 45 and he will be back in charge before 2024 to complete the draining of the swamp.


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