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Bob Jodice's Isaiah Chapter 14 comment on 10/12/2020, 10:44am...

I am currently on Day 286 in my Bible Reading in a Year journey and would like to thank "BSP" and "A Disciple" for their comments throughout my journey. They have consistently been informative and inspirational throughout my readings in the Old Testament and I look forward to their comments during my journey into the Life of Christ and beyond in the New Testament. Blessings to you both and to ALL of YOU!


Edwin L Muir's Isaiah Chapter 14 comment on 10/12/2020, 2:37am...

Thank You ALL :-).Unthankful Lucifer} And we the abiding, good and faithful, inherit all he coveted for in Ephesians 2:6,Psalm 91:1 & 14,15,16. KJV

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Jude 20 so very important to treasure folks, and neglect not. Difference between Spirit and GHOST / and communion of, and fellowship with/ believe 131 times and believeth continuous, 39 times,

Prov 14:15 The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going. Berean Acts 17:11 kjv. So satan has largely ensnared the the church into less true intimacy and flow of revelation is weakened, and now told to bow ones head in prayer then suggests we are approaching notfessed up and sanctified, so gifted boldness of gifted faith is gone misleading millions of the immature into confusion and hands + head down, powerlessness. Romans 1:4. Feigning Christianity, Popal biased Westcott and Hort have strewn their tare seeds of division, no greater hoax (other than declaring later versions are better than the KJVs scary consistency & excellence in placement of spirit & Ghost, ye or you, believe or believeth etc,etc ( Phillippians 1:9,10,11) of the tried and true KJV), has scarce been pulled off since Rome calling itself 1st Christian Church, and how sick ! is that. But our gracious *FATHER GOD* lets the seeker know the seasons by calling the 666 Vactool Luciferase. Come let us adore *HIM* *CHRIST JESUS Our Magnanimous (LORD* and ineffable *SAVIOUR* Psalm 66:2 Sing forth the honor of his name: make his praise glorious.

Amen and Amen, *JAH* is *HIS* Name, the perfect Dad.*JESUS* *DADS* Brightness. Ordinances such as Galations 6:6 and Hebrews 3:13 are not shared meat in our fellowship. But now, since that my last demon, frustration was renounced. And settling Ephesians 2:6 aligns with Psalm 91:1 + 14,15,16. The challenge of obedience in all things must be.*G* B U who follow on eagerly Jude 20.


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