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Chris's Isaiah Chapter 14 comment about verse 14 on 2/12/2021, 4:40am...

"Offending God with your thoughts" is quite possibly not sin, unless you dwell on them, leading to committing sin whether in the mind or body. We all have spurious thoughts come to us, & sometimes downright disturbing. It's how we deal with them that matters: do we determine to terminate those thoughts or choose to fuel them or even act upon them?

We can run to the Lord in prayer & commit our folly to Him; or turn to the Word & allow the Spirit to minister God's Message & Words of healing to our minds; or even do as the Apostle Paul suggests in Philippians 4:8,9, to set our minds (our thoughts) on things that are honest, just, pure, etc. Why do this? We are effectively covering over & ridding nasty, disturbing thoughts with thoughts that bring on peace, stability & purity to one's heart - i.e. getting our minds back onto God's track & dwelling on things that will lift up our hearts towards God rather than weigh them down to our hurt.


Connie's Isaiah Chapter 14 comment about verse 14 on 2/11/2021, 3:58pm...

Thank you for your kindness and response. I have great fear of offending God with my own thoughts . I have many questions about why i feel differently about the scriptures that stir my fear of my declaration to worship only God. and have no other equal to or above my Heavenly Father. My views about the idols, crosses and statues of Jesus being that are man made. This is a tough subject . A fixed point of view that no one else seems to think is relevant to the commandment against idols . But thank you for your help.


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