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Rob's 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 comment on 10/12/2020, 7:45am...

If I depended on the wisdom or understanding of man , I'd have nothing at all .

I do not like being deceived and only the Father in heaven by whom we gain access to through the Son , are educated by the Holy Spirit .

Yes Jesus said will He find faith when he comes ? The world will be so much in darkness before he comes . And already is . It will get worse , but the elect will endure .


Generational Breakdowns's 1 Corinthians Chapter 15 comment on 10/11/2020, 8:44pm...

In a perfect world this would be true. In 1964, Courts ruled to toss the Bible out of schools. (By one old athiest woman)

Before the Church woke up, it was law.

Everyone was distracted by advances in the Space program. Cuban missile crisis and the race crisis. I graduated high school when they were trying to burn down Washington DC.

Evil prospers when good people do nothing. A lot of people don't know the Laws of God. It's up to people to find political support to rescind those laws. People can have abortion rescinded this year IF. They would vote for candidates that are against abortion. But they choose to vote blue, red, or for nobody. It's in Isaiah.

The Free Love generation threw off all restraints and ushered in hedonism to the 10th power.

This is what we have to work with. You can be the John the Baptist of the 2020's, but "they" will just UNFRIEND you.

Or you can preach on here, facebook, Twitter, or on the sidewalks of your city-

Like Jesus did. One person at a time, or at gatherings.

People are accountable for what they know and do once they receive Christ as Savior. Some people get "saved" and continue to live sinful because of Churches who preach a watered down version of the Bible. The Nicolaitans preach that message (book of Revelation). The greater sin is on Churches who DO NOT preach the New Testament.

Jesus gave us 2 new Commandments. If we do those, we will not violate the 10.

The advantages of being virgins before marriage, is the the female hymen which prevents sexual disease and pregnancy, hopefully.

Hardly anyone knows what the word CHASTITY means; or teaches it. The greater sin is on the Church. Churches are the only possible restraint against a "No restraint society."

You teach it. It's in your heart to care about it. Preach against sowing wild oats and hoping for crop failure. Allowing "crops" to be raked out and sold by Planned Parenthood", for laboratory experiments.

Come Lord Jesus! Mishael


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