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GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 1 comment on 10/02/2022, 10:37pm...

Leviticus Chapter 1

In this chapter, God instructs Moses concerning the types of offerings that the Israelites are to willingly bring before Him. These can be a bull, ram, or fowl, depending on what a person can afford. The animal is to be without defect. There are specific ways for the person or the priest to slaughter the animal and then how the blood is drained and sprinkled on or around the altar. There are instructions about how the animal is to be cut apart before being placed on the wood of the fire on the brazen altar of sacrifice.

Animal sacrifice goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. God slaughtered the animal to make clothing for Adam and Eve after they sinned. Adam and Eve felt the guilt of their sin. The covering of animal skins covered their guilt. The slaughter of the animal was the way God wanted the O.T. believers to have their sins removed from them. It is interesting to think that it was not just the killing of the animal, but also the burning of it that was part of the sacrifice. Perhaps the significance of burning the animal parts is to indicate that sins and/or guilt are being burned away from the offender.

The sacrifice was to be made in the tabernacle, where God meets with his people. So, the Israelites could not just make an altar anywhere and offer a sacrifice as the earlier patriarchs did. Here God was dealing with the Israelites as a unified nation, not so much as individuals who could "do their own thing" before God.

It seems that God was forming in the hearts of this nation worship practices that are common to all. It seems that He was being so specific in His instructions that He may be testing them to see if they will do things His way or their own way or the way they did things in Egypt. So, consistency is a good teacher. God was also instructing them that they are not to approach Him any old way. Rather, to esteem Him to be so authorative and holy that if He says to do something a specific way, it is best for them to do so


T Levis's Leviticus Chapter 1 comment on 6/12/2022, 7:07pm...

Hopefully these are helpful

Psalms 74:13-14,

Psalms 104:24-31,

Job 40:15-24,

Job 41:1-34,

Note: trees; when hidden in trees, I was reminded of trees like the Sequoia in The Red Wood Forest, West Coast USA.


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