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GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} on GRACE "Time Frame"'s Leviticus Chapter 1 comment on 9/10/2021, 6:49pm...

Precious friend, Grace Miller: God's Scriptural "Time Frames"? We are in (GRACE/MYSTERY):

Prophecy and Law were, in Scriptures: Matthew until Acts 8, After ISRAEL "fell" in Acts 7!

(We are The Body Of CHRIST In GRACE, According To The Revelation Of The MYSTERY. This is from Acts 9 when our "pattern," Paul, was saved. God's Transition from Law Over To GRACE continued until Acts 28, when he "set ISRAEL aside, blinding them," and "concluding them IN SIN with the Gentiles." GRACE has been "In Effect" for almost 2000 years, and when "IT ENDS" At our Great GRACE Departure To Heaven - see Romans - Philemon), THEN:

God Will Resume His Prophetic Program again, with Israel and the nations in The Time Of Jacob's Trouble. The Scriptures For This "Time Frame" are HEBREWS - Revelation with the associated "prophecies" from Daniel and Matthew!

Grace Miller, Please Be Richly Encouraged, Enlightened, Exhorted, And Edified!


Rick's Leviticus Chapter 1 comment on 9/10/2021, 1:58pm...

Hi Rick I believe in the Church that started in the book of Acts Pentecost Birthday of the beginning of the Body of Christ, that meaning it is the Church of God. The people in it are called Christians that is what is says in Gods Word. In His Service.


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