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S Spencer's Acts Chapter 4 comment on 6/22/2022, 5:26am...

Hi Joe.

You're right, and I would like to take it a step further. We fear God because we see our uncleanness and know he's Holy. That wrath ordained to an unbeliever we don't have to concern ourselves with but his chastening we do. We are to examine ourselves to see that we our in the faith or not. Is the spirit leading us in ministering and are we living a life where the spirit has changed us from doing the "works of God" by command or doing Gods work by the fruit of the spirit.

God bless.


Free's Acts Chapter 4 comment on 6/19/2022, 12:13am...

Yes, thank you dear "Joe", that's how i think to. But then it becomes a big BUT. Because i do not praise then, there will be no worship at all. So and praise the Lord will lift us up, it cleanses us free, the most gracious thing we can do is and love the Lord with all our soul, spirit and body. There lies the praise. Thank you for mentioning this. Now let the day be to the Glory of God, Amen.

We must pray that we always have a conscience that allows us to praise the Lord.

Romans 5:1-5 in Jesus name, love u in Christ.


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