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David's Acts Chapter 4 comment on 11/27/2021, 2:56pm...

Hi Virginia I don't fear God have respect and admiration and awe for Him being almighty God and at the same time

a tender loving heavenly father who cares about all of my needs. How could God by His will make you His Child

by giving us the ability to become His Sons and Daughters but want you afraid to talk to Him for help, that does

not make any sense. Also it says in Hebrews to Come boldly to the throne of grace in time of need to get help,

how are you going to come boldly to your Father if your afraid of Him. Just sharing a point.

It we do the best we can then we should feel confident that he'll meet every need according to His riches

in Glory by Christ Jesus. Amen!


Virginia A Spikes's Acts Chapter 4 comment on 11/27/2021, 11:51am...

Yes that's me I fear what I don't know and I really would like too know my calling


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