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Cassundra Renee' Sims's Deuteronomy Chapter 8 comment on 8/19/2021, 7:14am...

Keep GOD's commandments; he will not have you to lack in anything that HE has design for you to have; his word never comes back void. Trust him with all your heart for he loves to take care of HIS children.....We're not perfect, but we can make sure we don't take his grace and mercy for granted....Amen


Bendito Palavra's Deuteronomy Chapter 8 comment on 4/25/2021, 8:02pm...

The very station in life that your friend finds demeaning is rather a great honor and a gift from God.

From the beginning, man was created to work for God (Genesis 2:15). The woman was then specially created as the help most suitable to accomplish that purpose (Genesis 2:20-25).

The Lord's value system is quite opposite what the world judges worthwhile. If your friend knows the forgiveness and redemption gained by Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection from the dead, then she has an eternal purpose and reward in the perfect will of God. (1 Corinthians 15:58, 1 Peter 3)

Being an excellent mother carries a far greater weight of glory and influence than any of the vain achievements or self promotion touted in this world's marketplace. (Proverbs 31:10-31)

The Bible has many accounts of women who by faith achieved great things for the Lord, including:

Sara: Hebrews 11:11-12

Rebekah: Genesis 24-27

Leah and Rachel: Genesis 29-

Shiphrah and Puah: Exodus 1:15-21

Moses' mother and sister Miriam: Exodus 2

Rahab: Joshua 2, Joshua 6

Deborah: Judges 4

Jael: Judges 4

Naomi and Ruth: Ruth 1-4

Hannah: 1 Samuel 1-2

Esther: Esther 1-10

Elisabeth: Luke 1

Mary: Matthew 1-

Martha and Mary: Luke 10, John 11

The faithful women at the crucifixion of Jesus after the disciples fled: Matthew 27:55-56

Mary Magdalene: Mark 16, John 20 - (The very first person to meet the risen Lord Jesus Christ),

along with many other notable followers in the early church.


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