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David's 1 Kings Chapter 12 comment about verse 9 on 8/11/2021, 9:39am...

Rehoboam refused the advice of the elders and chose to add to the burdens of the people. Jeroboam took the other ten tribes and left. God allowed man to do what was in their heart. We can claim to be under God, but if don't know Him, or have no relationship with the Lord and chose to go our own way - evil will befall us.

From the top leadership down to the people themselves, they have forgotten the blessings from God. Many times we believe the blessings from the Lord is of our own doing and therefore forget to thank God and worship Him, or to call on the Lord.

We must keep ourselves near to God by confessing our sins, reading, meditating, praising, worshipping, praying, and remembering His continued goodness. Then we must teach the same to our children less we allow anything to slip. God bless our nation and our leadership. August 2021


Richard in Christ's 1 Kings Chapter 12 comment on 3/31/2021, 9:16pm...

The Lord searches hearts. He knows His sheep. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life!!!


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