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Joyce Loretta Kearsley's 1 Samuel Chapter 20 comment on 6/01/2021, 7:20pm...

samuel 1 chapter 22 what the chapter is about


Chris's 1 Samuel Chapter 20 comment about verse 37 on 12/24/2020, 1:37pm...

God bless you for your faith in Him & not in medical contributions. And indeed, if you not only refuse vaccines, but also refuse any visits to the doctor, dentist, or others and also the taking of any medicines, prescription or not, does show a genuine trust in God, the Healer, to minister to you.

The problem arises when objectors to this vaccine, or any vaccine, may vocalize their concerns about them & that taking them is indicative of one's lack of trust, but they have no hesitation to visiting a doctor or tending to a wound or injury. I knew a lady (in her 40s), a lovely believer of great faith. She impressed me by her faith in God to refuse all medical intervention & drugs & indeed the Lord kept her for all these years, either healing her or giving her the grace to press on in spite of any pain. She contracted major stomach ulcers & as per her faith, trusted the Lord to give her healing. The Lord chose not to this time & she went Home to be with Him. All of a sudden my own understanding was torn, seeing both an active faith & a God Who keeps & heals and yet a sudden needless loss of a life at a 'young' age. But I consoled myself that she remained resolute & true to God & she accepted the Lord's Will however it fell upon her life.

Therefore, I see that we're in a similar predicament: we want to show faith in God rather than in vaccines, but we give no second thought to any visits to the medical fraternity to deal with our ailments. And, our refusal to be vaccinated may indeed foster greater faith in us, but if we should contract the disease & then pass it on, we might fail to accept responsibility for the loss of an innocent life or even convince ourselves that we're not to blame - some even placing the blame on the victim. Yes, this is a very personal issue & decision that I don't see as one, that only demonstrates our faith in God to heal, but also vitally connected to our responsibility for the physical welfare of those around us.


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