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Jesse's Isaiah Chapter 57 comment on 3/18/2021, 10:22am...


Jesus Christ is your peace. The peace that the bible speaks of is not an emotional feeling we have. Peace is a person, and that person is Christ. What you are describing makes perfect sense. When we receive Christ, we do become a new creation in Him.

Once we are saved, Satan knows he has lost us forever to Christ. He can't take our salvation away. So what does he do now? He occupies the attention of our mind (MERIMNA) to keep us distracted and away from the things of the Lord so that there will be no spiritual growth. He cannot take us away from Christ so he attacks us and tries to keep our minds occupied and distracted on the things of this world in order to keep us from the things of the Lord.

We're saved, but Satan does everything in his power to hinder our growth process, because that is the next step after salvation, to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Satan cannot touch our spirit because, in order to do that, he would have to penetrate God's Spirit that lives in us, and he can't do that.

Even though we become a new creation in Christ, all the scars from our previous life, our life before coming to know the Lord, remain stuck in the cortex of our brain. And at times those things pop up and cause us to sometimes even question our salvation.

My dear brother, please know that you have perfect peace in Christ Jesus!


Mishael's Isaiah Chapter 57 comment on 8/24/2020, 9:00pm...

Caught Up in the Clouds. I think it was the Greek word, Rapta, that started the controversy.

Sometimes called the Last Day


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