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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 33 comment on 10/25/2022, 7:02pm...

Psalm 33 begins with a praise admonition for song with "noise" (v. 3); as well as "skillfully" played music with a variety of instruments in the surrounding verses being approved for use. In verses 3-5 we aslso see a "new song" mentioned which is associated with God's judgment and also reflecting His works (v. 4). This is reminiscent of the verses in Revelation 5:9 and 14:3 which reflects the earlier song of Moses starting before the end of Deuteronomy 31 and most of chapter 32. These show judgments that will occur which finally will bring Israel to the right standing with God.

We see further description in verses 6 through 10 of the creation of earth as well as the fear of the Lord (verse 8) and devices o men coming to naught (v 10); a theme repeated elsewhere in Psalms and other passages as I noted in other commentaries previously.

Verses 10 through 14 get into the general state of nations; if their trust is in the Lord. This indeed may not be the case now; but at His coming there will be a major change in the attitude of many remaining as seen in Isaiah 19:23 for example.

Once again verses 16 through 17 show what Solomon should have heeded to in multiplying horses and gold and silver; clearly David's foolish census taught him that lesson!

Ultimately the promise is in verse 19 to deliver from death for rhose who fear him (v. 18). THe theme of hope and truste end out this Psalm; which are things we should patiently heed in these last days.


Landon Lavigne's Psalms Chapter 33 comment on 10/31/2021, 5:27pm...

The Mockingbird can mimic other bird sounds! God wants us to do and live exactly like He did and does. Also he used the Mockingbird to tell me to move from Louisiana to Texas. The Mockingbird is as I found out 10 years later the STATE BIRD OF TEXAS! Praise Jesus! Acts 2:38



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