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This question comes with different answers, depending on the era one lived in. We know from the Bible, that some men of OT days had multiple wives (e.g. Esau, Abraham, Jacob, Elkanah, Moses, David, Solomon). Then there was the Levirate marriage, when it was encumbent on the man to marry his brother's widow (Deut 25:5-10). As well, often kings took on several wives to secure a stronger relationship with the other ally or nation.

But in NT times, this was frowned upon though still practised to some extent. However, with the Gospel & apostolic teaching, only a monogamous relationship was taught (1 Cor 7; 1 Tim 3:2,12; Tit 1:6) as the union of man & woman in marriage & it consummation meant they became "one flesh" & could only separate or be dissolved because of the death of one or because of fornication.

Mormons have always promoted monogamy: their book of Jacob even condemns David & Solomon for their polygamy. But there were exceptions to this, so they rely on their scripture in Jacob 2:30, which indicates that if God desires, then He will command His people to raise up seed for Him. So, this is seen by the Mormons as a licence to have multiple wives (though I'm unsure how they discern that it is God that requires some to raise more 'seed' for Him, & whether multiplicity of wives is the way to do it, or should one wife bear more children). So the Mormons also have to use the Book of Mormon to justify their actions in this regard & many other things (e.g. the relationship of Jesus to Satan).


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