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Malissia E Pierce's Isaiah Chapter 35 comment on 12/07/2020, 9:08am...

I thank GOD for His word, which brings healing, wholeness and deliverance


Rev Lori West's Isaiah Chapter 35 comment about verse 3 on 11/06/2020, 3:41pm...

Dear Donna,

As mothers, oh how we hurt when our beloved children are in pain. I pray your dear son's knees to be strengthened miraculously whether it be from arthritis, past injury, not enough exercise, bad habits or whatever. We all need so much help whether it "shows" or not! So many things can start to go wrong that our whole Beings come under attack. It is an astounding pain to have our knees in bad shape, and one that affects our whole being. Soldiers in my family have faced many injuries to their knees and it has certainly touched my own life through two MVA's in 8 years that involved irresponsible drivers. Forgiveness is crucial, even If we haven't caused the problem. And forgiving ourselves is so vital when we have just plain made bad choices as well. So May every drop of grace and constructive help and direction Come to your family.

I pray every blessing and mercy over Mike and your spirit, soul and body and all forms of tender mercies to flood both of you. It is so easy to put on weight and feel down and it can be just as bad for skinny Folks who for whatever reason have severe knee trouble. It's very hurtful, even humiliating when folks face pain of any kind that brings judgment and assumption to us, or our loved ones, as we don't want their struggle to bring them down into a physical or mental health crisis. You sound like a very caring mom and I'll be praying for you as you search for those prayers for strengthening the knees and causing new Hope to rise up for the times ahead...as you stand on His promise. May the Precious Holy Spirit speak to your beloved son about whatever may be heavy on his heart that might not show...we thank God for Jesus Who knows all about it. May His Truth and Love comfort you, dear sister.




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