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David T.'s Genesis Chapter 44 comment on 9/10/2022, 8:53pm...

Regarding v5 of this reading: cup used by Joseph for divination.

Absent absolute proof, my contention is Joseph gave instruction to his steward in order to keep up his image as an Egyptian.

Through out his time of walking with the LORD and hearing from GOD:

-He never ever used heathen practices; the Bible never alluded nor made mention of it.

-He always gave glory to the LORD for every time he was used by the LORD or made a declaration in HIS Name.

-He did not need the cup to discern where it was because he put it in Benjamin's bag

-If he did need it to divine its where about, it would have been impossible because he did not have have it. Or he could have called on the magicians and priest of the land.

In which case he would not have, because of his trust and obedience unto his LORD GOD JEHOVAH.

Praise the LORD for HIS goodness and love for us. Praying for our nation and leadership. God to shine HIS face on all who are on this platform.

September 10, 2022


Gigi's Genesis Chapter 44 comment on 1/23/2022, 3:54pm...


I need to correct myself

ApepApop was the Egyptian name for the serpent God

Ba'al was also named Moloch Hadad Nd Melcham

Asherah was also called Ashroreth, Ishtar, Inani

Sorry, it is easy to

Get names mixed up as which ones Match.


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