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Lori's Isaiah Chapter 58 comment on 3/14/2021, 7:03pm...

Many times we just go through the motions like as long we fellowship, as long we take up a space in church, we fail to keep the sabbath day holy because we are focused on what the Lord can do for us. Instead we should put all that aside and give our savior Praise and Worship

It is good reminder to service others and to give praises.


Gabriel's Isaiah Chapter 58 comment on 3/07/2021, 5:09pm...

What do you think Isaiah 58:13 mean. What I know it means is, that if you don't keep it, you will be lost. Jesus said if ye love me keep my commandments. My brother John - the revelator, Not Sunday. If you do this, You do not love Him. Tell me, if this is truth.


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