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Brian's Isaiah Chapter 58 comment on 6/24/2022, 7:12pm...

That's contradictory about the the 4th commandment being absolute and the other nine still valid.

Jesus says if you love me keep.my commandments John 14:15

The Bible also states in 1 John 2 1-4.we are liars if we say we love God but depart from the law of love.

Lastly, James let's us know it the standard it the law of liberty. Liberty is in Christ, He makes us free from the bandage of sin in the law of Moses that records the sacrifices for sin and free will offerings.

If thr 4th commandment could be changed or abolish then Jesus need not have died. It is because the law stands fast forever why Jesus had to come to show us how to keep them. I delight to do thy will thy law is with my heart. Psalms 40:8


S Spencer's Isaiah Chapter 58 comment on 6/11/2022, 9:16pm...

Amen Brother Chris!

Very well stated!

God bless you and all you do Brother.


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