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Isaiah Chapter 58


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Sir Scott's Isaiah Chapter 58 comment on 8/28/2021, 10:23pm...

Let him be the judge, Your scrutiny is not acceptable in his eyes.


Sir Scott's Isaiah Chapter 58 comment on 8/28/2021, 10:21pm...

Sir Scott

When we incorporate fasting our spirits become more resilient. Our temples are cleansed our minds become more receptive to the messages that He would have us hear with our spiritual faculties. He wants us to feel those hunger pains. He wants us to understand humility in many facets of our lives. Fasting is only one way that we can draw nearer unto Him. There are other ways we can fast in our lives, giving up remedial choices that are idols placed before Him. He wants our full best robust lives sanctified lives daily walking with him. Our lives can realistically be lived without sin each and every week. When we partake of His holy emblems on the Sabbath we are completely cleansed from all sin, baptized every Sabbath day when we walk through those doors at the end of our sabbath meeting. Fasting helps us elevate our spirits nearer to His. It allows Him to facilitate His thoughts into our minds or a higher level. Go ye therefore and be even as I am. He's asking us to offer a better self unto Him. Consider a monatary offering while you are fasting, watch the windows of heaven open with blessings you won't have room to receive. He's waiting with open arms. Your body/Temple will thank you for the rest it receives while you fast also.


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