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Chris's Luke Chapter 20 comment about verse 18 on 11/24/2020, 5:21am...

And thank you too Wendy for what you just shared. Praise the Lord that your eyes & heart have been opened to the Truth & you have indeed been set free. So many RCs are kept in ignorance, believing the Mass is the 'be all & end all' to their faith. Also, by not getting into God's Word for themselves, many have continued in darkness, believing that they were walking in Light & saved through the Church. But the Lord will have His Way & that was wonderful to read that He has blessed you by bringing you on His Path. Walk on in the Joy & Blessing of the Lord.


Wendy Dillon's Luke Chapter 20 comment about verse 18 on 11/23/2020, 4:50am...

Yes Chris...I should have known after RC grade school and high school...but had no knowledge of biblical teachings I just knew the mass. There is an "auto pilot" reaction to taking a pue at mass for many.

Yes, I praise God that He delivered my family from datkness! Now there is true love in my heart for the Lord and a desire to fellowship with Him. I used to be afraid to think about God because I did not understand grace. I thought I had to earn my way into Heaven and knew that I was not "good enough". That is the greatest shame of America today..so many do not understand that salvation is a free gift. Thank you for your comment and God bless you.


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