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Bob Grove's Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 comment about verse 9 on 8/23/2020, 6:57am...

Luke 21 v 8

They have been saying that the Coming of Christ is imminent for many years now even setting dates . They say this because they really do not understand the bible , but follow men's fabrication s of the bible .

Many things must happen before the 2nd coming of Christ that have not happened yet .

Read Mathew 24 and Luke 21 carefully .

2 Thessalonians

Verse 3 don't be deceived .


Carleton's Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 comment about verse 1 on 8/22/2020, 3:43pm...

Here is a hymn. "Spirit So Holy" Daniel W. Wittle

Spirit so holy, Spirit of love, Spirit so gentle, Sent from above; Priceless possession, Purchase of blood, Good beyond measure, Gift of our Lord.

Spirit of wisdom, Spirit of light, Spirit of knowledge , Showing the right; Guide us and teach us, Fully to know All that in Jesus God would bestow.

Spirit of humble, Spirit of meek, Spirit so kindly, Helping the weak; Work in and through us, Make us to be Lowly and loving, Yielding to Thee.

Spirit of Power, Spirit of God, Spirit of burning, Work through Thy word; Search us and sift us, Spare not the dross, Show us that self life Ends at the cross.

My personal testimony is this Holy Spirit while I was in sin made His presence known to me just outside of my heart, so much so that I desired him, I sought after Him in just enough knowledge to understand that by faith I only needed to empty out my sin before Jesus at the Cross and I would have Him. In a very short period of time, perhaps several months, I could boldly claim in a quiet humble way that I knew this Holy Ghost in my heart and soul and that he lives in me and guides me as a child.

I have had in the past some uncomfortable dream of past sin life, woke up enough to feel that presence of peace in my soul and happily fell back into rest!



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