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T. Levis's Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 comment on 7/24/2022, 10:36pm...

Ecclesiastes 11:4, in every comparable version linked into bottom page, says very similar.

In the 1611 KJV, Ecclesiasticus 11:4, is where the quote is found.

Hopefully this is helpful


Diane's Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 comment on 7/24/2022, 10:48am...

Good day, I was given a verse of scripture, Ecc 11:4(KJV) which is supposed to read: "Boast not of thy clothing and raiment, and exalt not thyself in the day of honour: for the works of the Lord are wonderful, and his works among men are hidden." When I sought the scripture above, it says something something totally different. You may want to correct it. Thank you


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