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Balaam asks if he should continue to go to Balak, God tells him yes, but he was not to curse Israel, but bless them and to only say what He tells Balaam to say.

Here the chapter ends. The rest of the account is in chapter 23.

It is unclear if Balaam was descendant of Abraham (through sons other than Isaac or through Esau) or a descendant of Lot, or otherwise a gentile. The chapter says that his God is YHWH, because the text uses this specific name. It does not say how He knows of YHWH or whether YHWH was the only God he worshipped of one of many. He may have heard of what occurred with the Israelites over the past 40 years. He may have known about the blessings God gave to all of Abraham's sons and the promises specific to Isaac since 400-500 years had passed since Abraham lived.

So there are many questions about Balaam's belief system. Regardless, Balaam did have a sense that YHWH is to be obeyed, having power and authority over men. Balaam seemed to attest to one thing but in his heart, he really was inclined to the opposite of what he attested to. We need to be careful to not be double-minded like Balaam. We need to be careful to not go along with people we know to be evil or against God, like Balaam did. We need to be careful to not put God to the test by not fully accepting His directions to us and continuing to seek to see if He would change His will, like Balaam tried to do.

If we know that an action or way is wrong for us to do or follow, we should not seek God to grant us permission to do something that is against His will. We also should not seek the counsel of anyone who is not a believer or any source that does not align with His Word, whether a Bible teacher or secular source.

Balaam could have told Balak, "No, I will bless Israel because God is with them and His will is for them to be blessed. I want to follow God and His command to me." But Balaam did not hold his ground before the princes of Balak and refuse.


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This is the first part of the account of Balak and Balaam.

The Israelites had conquered many peoples of the east Jordan area and the king of Moab heard about these conquests.

The Israelites came into Moabite territory and camped across the Jordan from Jericho.

The king of Moab. Balak, was very alarmed and contacted the king of Midian to help them come against the Israelites and route them out of their land.

Balak sends some of his officials to the land of northern Mesapotamia to seek Balaam, who was a prophet that God spoke to and through but also he was a diviner and worker of evil prophecy, too. Balaam knew of the Israelites and of YHWH.

At first, after seeking God about going with the men to Moab to curse Isarael, God told him, No, Israel is blessed, so you are not to go and curse them. Balaam informed the men and they returned to Balak.

There is a second attempt to get Balaam to come to Balak and curse Israel. But God says no.

Then Balak sent his princes, men of more importance than the first group, and money for payment for his services. He again inquires of God about going with the princes to Balak and cursing the Israelites. God says that if the men come to them then he can go with them, but he must not curse the Israelites, only bless them. Balaam was to only say the words that God gives him to say.

As Balaam is on his way to Moab, riding on his donkey, God is angry at Ballam because He knows the intent of Balaam's heart event though Balaam affirms that he wants to do what God commands. The angel of the Lord appears and stands in the way. Although the donkey sees the angel, Balaam does not. Three times the donkey veers from the path to avoid the angel, but Balaam beats her each time. After the third beating, God makes the donkey speak to Balaam where she reveals that the angel is in her way and she was avoiding him. Then God allows Balaam to see the angel. He falls on his face, admits he has sinned.


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