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Vicki Newman's Zechariah Chapter 2 comment on 1/27/2022, 5:55pm...

I love to share inthe knowledge in which Father God has blessed each & everyone of us. Every

Viewpoint is so special to me. I hear My Father

GOD in all comments about the Word. I love to see so many people into the Word, like I've been .It's

Truly beautiful. Vicki N.


Tim legarie's Zechariah Chapter 2 comment on 12/27/2021, 6:34am...

Mathew Henry 1710 God will be a wall of fire around them,which can neither be broken or undermined,nor can it be assailed without danger to those who attack.(TL) This is a spirtual wall of fire that we need around ourselves,and our brethern,never to let burn out always keeping the embers alive,for a pillar of smoke at night.With God's watchmen,and angels on the wall.While we sleep in heavenly peace,unless called upon by our LORD.Who blesses us all.


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