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Jonathan's 1 Kings Chapter 22 comment about verse 43 on 5/02/2020, 4:00pm...


Thank you for your comment. This is something i will think about.


Chris's 1 Kings Chapter 22 comment about verse 43 on 5/01/2020, 12:35am...

Jonathan, I doubt if there is any specific literature that would give you a definitive answer to your question, as there would be many commentators giving their own understanding on these verses. So, it's anybody's guess as to what this supposd contradiction means.

In my understanding about these 'high places', not all of them were wholly devoted to idolatry. Sometimes, a high place could have been formerly used for idolatry & subsequently used as a place to worship the true GOD. Or, Israel could have assigned particular elevated areas to conduct their worship. Therefore, those high places that Jehoshaphat took down were idolatrous places but those he left were used for worship to God. But this is a pure guess as to how the writers of these books (1 Kings: Jeremiah & 1 & 2 Chronicles: Ezra) perceived these high places & the way they were used.


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