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Mona's Hebrews Chapter 3 comment on 1/18/2021, 5:40am...

Good Morning,

Can anyone tell me what are the differences in comparing Matthews and Marks recording of the last Supper except for in Matthews Judas asking if he is the betrayer?

Other than that I believe the stories are the same but some of the wording is slightly different.


Fred Scanlan's Hebrews Chapter 3 comment on 1/17/2021, 4:33am...

In the last days, many shall be deceived, the enemy will be those of your own household! That would be anyone, even ones wife! It is unfortunate that in your desire to enrich yourself, you have destroyed anything that is good! Sin has a way , not unlike the tranquilizer. The booze, it infects your soul! What would it profit if a man gain the whole world and loose His soul! How difficult it is to forgive! Only the Christ, Only the Christ!


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