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Ron's Galatians Chapter 2 comment on 2/18/2022, 9:08pm...

A little off topic, but I wonder if Paul knew that Moses was a murderer? Exodus 2:11-15

In his retelling of Moses's killing of the Egyptian in Acts 7:23-29, Luke casts Moses in the image of Jesus, as a rejected deliverer. What's that called when govt does that same thing with their fallen heroes?

The Israelites' rejection of Moses, which Luke reads into Exodus 2:11-15, is placed in parallel to the Jews' rejection of Jesus, which is understood as the crux of Christianity's break from Judaism.


GiGi's Galatians Chapter 2 comment on 2/18/2022, 8:26pm...

Hello Roy,

There was a long thread in the last week concerning this. You may search back a few pages and find the thread.

Also, I suggest reading all of Galatians and all of Romans in order to understand Paul's teaching fully. To take just one portion or verse as a proof text does not serve this topic well.


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