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Carolyn Watford's Job Chapter 3 comment on 3/14/2021, 7:40am...

I know Job was being tested, but was Satan being tested, also, if Satan was being tested, is there a verse showing me, if so, please send it to me.


William's Job Chapter 3 comment about verse 25 on 5/02/2020, 11:46am...

Though Job was indeed a believer, yet there remained a fearfulness within him. It is a picture of the reality that no matter our level of walk with the Lord in this life, for most of us there is always another level of purification. In each instance with Satan at the throne God said, "behold...." In other words the enemy had quit looking for access against Job because of the Lord's protection, but God is hones even with the enemy. The Lord showed Satan Job's weakness and used the enemy to purify Job for yet another level.

This shows what I see as a truth of the kingdom. Sooner or later God will bring you face to face with your greatest fear in order to show you that he is greater than all of your fear. Though Job demanded answers, when God actually presented himself in the whirlwind Job stood silent with his hand over his mouth knowing God was greatest of all and answered to no one.


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