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HERBERT L. CAREY's Leviticus Chapter 19 comment on 1/30/2023, 10:15am...

I am seeking help finding verses about judging, forgiveness and

framing a person to shame them for what her father actually did.

thank you.


GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 19 comment on 1/10/2023, 8:32pm...

Leviticus Chapter 19

"Be Ye holy as I the LORD your God am holy."

This is the over-reaching command of God to His people. To be holy like He is holy.

The statutes in this chapter speak of many different practices that are to be obeyed. Many apply to us today. Others, the principle apply to us today, and others do not apply to us today.

The important matter is to desire to know God and His holiness so that we can imitate Him.

God the Father sent His Son in the flesh to show us God's holiness lived out in human nature.

Jesus is the exact image of the Father. He is the perfect reflection of the character of God. He is the sinless Son living in complete obedience and submission to His Father. He is our righteousness that justifies us before the Father. We are to aim to imitate Him with the working of the Holy Spirit within us.

We should be careful not to harden our hearts by becoming friendly with the world's ways. we should instead be familiar with God's ways given to us in His word. Godliness is required of us who profess Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We will fall and fail. But we should care that we live a life that honors God and loves our neighbor rightly.

We should be eager to do what God has said is the right action and equally eager to refrain from what God has said is wrong for us to do.

We are not to be "holier than thou" looking down on people caught up in sin. We should be compassionate, loving, and willing to reach out to people like Jesus did to the tax collectors and sinners.

Holiness is not about "religious" practices such as church going, bible reading, etc. but instead be about living out the word received with gladness.

We should cultivate a love for what is pure and just and righteous, good and beneficial and honorable. We should have a determination to continually resist sinful inclinations, to stay away from tempting situations, to avoid every sort of evil.

Does it matter that we live godly lives. YES!


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