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ItIsWritten's Deuteronomy Chapter 18 comment on 3/07/2023, 3:39pm...

A necromancer is someone who practices the sorcery of communicating with the dead by conjuring their spirits, so as to know the future

An example would be the necromancer who lived at Endor. This is the woman King Saul went to when he wanted to summon Samuel the prophet (who by then had already died).

You can find this example in 1 Samuel 287-19


GIGI's Deuteronomy Chapter 18 comment on 2/22/2023, 3:44pm...

Hello Gmmoore,

Necromancer is a sorcerer who uses divination to conjure up communications with dead people. The goal is to use occult magic to summon the spirits of those in the world of the dead to interact or to gain information about the spirit world, the future, or occultic magic and power.


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